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9 Flowers That Attract Butterflies

9 Flowers That Attract Butterflies

Nothing brings a beautiful ambiance to a garden quite like a flock of colorful butterflies. Butterflies can help improve the pollination of your plants and bring other insects and birds into your garden. So, how do you attract butterflies to your garden? Vigragro®️ is here to help you with our knowledge of the best flowers that attract butterflies!

9 Flowers That Attract Butterflies

Butterfly Bush

The name of this bush says it all! This large, purple shrub will add a great pop of color to your garden and bring along butterflies. Some species of the butterfly bush can grow up to twelve feet tall, but if you're interested in a smaller garden, we suggest a dwarf butterfly bush.


The lantana blooms in a variety of colors. Its small flowers that attract butterflies are perfect for warmer climates. This is a fairly low maintenance plant, but be sure to water it daily so that it develops strong roots!


Marigolds are already a favorite in the flower world, but did you know that butterflies love them too? Marigolds are an annual flower that typically bloom from late spring to fall. These flowers are easy to manage and come in large and small options for any size garden.


When lavender blooms, your garden will look and smell beautiful! Butterflies love the smell of lavender just as much as we do. These flowers are most easily found in shades of purple or blue, but other varieties come in both pink and yellow.

Butterfly Weed

Weeds in a garden typically send us running, but you have nothing to fear with butterfly weed! This flower is a milkweed that is easy to grow and will attract a variety of insects to your garden. Plant it in a sunny spot in spring for the best growing results.

Chocolate Cosmos

Butterflies love the scent of chocolate cosmos, which as you might guess, smell just like chocolate! Butterflies must have a sweet tooth because they can't resist when these bloom.


This flower is another great butterfly attractor for warmer, less rainy climates. Sedum is a succulent that grows low to the ground and blooms from spring all the way through fall. This flower is perfect for sunny areas in your garden near rocks.


These tall flowers are beloved by both butterflies and bees. Sunflowers are well known for growing to soaring heights and bloom well in sunny, warm areas. Butterflies are attracted to the bright yellow color of the sunflower, which is our favorite part too!


The Bluestar gains its name from its star-shaped light blue flowers. This springtime perennial grows most efficiently in shady and moist areas. It can grow up to three feet high and will attract all kinds of beautiful butterflies!

Need More Help With Flowers that Attract Butterflies?

Butterflies can be a great helper when growing your garden and they are certainly pretty to look at, too! For more help with attracting butterflies to your garden, check out our guide for attracting butterflies to your garden! 
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