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Choosing To Garden During The Covid-19 Pandemic

Choosing To Garden During The Covid-19 Pandemic

With so many having no other choice but to be at home choosing to garden during the Covid-19 Pandemic seems to be the choice of many these days, many first time gardeners.

Here we are at the end of national garden month, and now is still the perfect opportunity to get outside and start a garden.  Even if you don't have a yard to garden, do you know that our Vigragro bags are perfect for these types of situations.

According to the National Gardening Association, you can even burn between 200 and 300 calories while gardening. Not only may you see physical benefits from gardening, but it may help also help lift your spirits these days.

 Our bags make gardening ten times easier, because they can be used year around, indoors and out.   Most vegetables and fruits we plant are annuals or at least grown that way. 

On the other hand there are perennial vegetables, these types of vegetables work really well with Vigragro®️ bags in a sense because our bags are very flexible, whereas, when the fall seasons come around many outside gardens, slow down or come to an end.  Vigragro®️ bags can be easily moved inside for all year around growing, and due to their size they do not use up a ton of space.

Most annuals are harvested through summer and fall, but how would you feel about grabbing a basket full of early spring greens to start the season off right?


Perennial and Vegetable Gardening for Vigragro®️ Bags


In our next post we will dive deep into perennial gardening with our Vigragro®️ bags, so stay tuned!

In the meantime, don't let this pandemic thing stop you from getting some fresh air, whether it may be an outside yard, patio, or balcony and terrace, you can enjoy yourself and plant something you can appreciate growing and harvesting.

If nothing at all, just a satisfying feeling and takes a  lot of stress from being cooped up inside.

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