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Growing Herbs FAQs: Which Herbs Can I Grow Together?

Growing Herbs FAQs: Which Herbs Can I Grow Together?

Gardening can be a wonderful past-time, and especially creating an herb garden. Herbs can be grown inside in containers or outdoors to use for cooking, teas, or even medicine. Growing herbs successfully, though, means knowing which go well together in a similar growing environment.

Growing Herbs: Which Herbs Grow Well Together?

Mediterranean Herbs

Mediterranean herbs prefer drier, sandy soil. They also need plenty of sunlight. The best herbs to plant together in this type of environment would be rosemary, sage, oregano, marjoram, lavender, and thyme. This is by far the largest group of herbs that grow well together. Thyme can creep along, but planting it alongside rosemary and sage will help it flourish best.

Herbs That Love Moisture

A few herbs prefer a wetter soil. These herbs need full sunlight to protect the moisture from developing any fungi. The herbs best suited for moist soil are basil, tarragon, cilantro, and parsley. These herbs also grow at around the same rate, so they will be ready to harvest around the same time.

Shade Herbs

Some herbs grow best in the shade, though the list is much shorter. Chives are one that will grow well, but you may find less blooming with these. You can also grow anise, lemon balm, and golden oregano. You may also be able to grow parsley too.

When growing a shade herb garden, your shade should be light and typically partial. Some shade herbs do need light shade to keep their leaves from crisping in the sun.

Which Herbs Don't Grow Well with Others?

There is one main herb that doesn't play nice with others: mint grows quickly and can take over an herb garden very fast. It's best to keep mint confined to containers. Otherwise, you may find that your mint is becoming a weed not only in your garden but in your whole yard.

What Do You Need to Grow Herbs?

When you grow herbs, it's important to consider the different things herbs will need depending on the type of soil they thrive in. If they prefer drier soil, your herb garden will need excellent drainage. If they prefer moisture, you will need ways to water the soil. Most herbs will need an excellent source of sunlight along with quality soil and winter protection.

Should I Grow Herbs in a Container or Outdoor Garden?

Some people do not have access to a large outdoor garden to grow herbs. Luckily, when you are companion planting, you can easily use a large container to grow herbs together. Container gardening has the benefit of year-round herbs. However, outdoor herb gardens have the benefit of more space to make sure the herbs aren't crowding each other. Whatever type of garden you choose, you can grow the herbs above side-by-side for a great smelling and tasty garden.

You can grow many different herbs together as long as they prefer the soil in which you are planting them in. Once you have a planted herb garden, you can enjoy them for a long time for cooking, medicine, or tea. For more gardening tips, take a look at all our guides in the library.

This is our last blog post for the year 2021.  Have a Happy New Year and see you all in February!

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