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Below you will find Tips On How To Use Your Vigragro®️ Bag

We are committed to providing products that are good to our environment!

We sometimes give tips of products that can be used in tandem with our products we always recommend environmentally good products.  While we understand that some may not be able to afford this, we always suggest it, as we feel that we as humans all have a small part to play in respecting and loving our environment.

Your Vigragro®️ Bags are ready to go out the bag and can be prepared for dirt and introducing your plants or seeds.

Vigragro®️ Bags gardening is an effective way to save space and grow fresh vegetables right outside your door, however there some things you should consider:

Where will you place your bags?

Vigragro®️ Bags can be placed almost anywhere!  They were designed in part to be flexible, in that you can use them indoors, or outdoors all year around. As long as they are getting adequate sun and water with the right soil you will see your garden strive

What will you plant in your bags?

Vigragro®️ Bags Bags work especially well with any vegetable plants and herbs.  Just keep in mind that climbing or upward growing types may need a trellis or clip to keep stems from falling over. 

What type of dirt should I use?

- Always, use good soil right from the start this is the basis of having a thriving garden with the Vigragro®️ Bags. Use organic mixes, like  Miracle-Gro® Potting Soil,  they will have the right amount of materials like coir, peat moss and/or compost to create an ideal growing environment for roots inside a pot.

Below is an image of a mix that works really well in Vigragro®️ Bags.

Watering and Feeding With Vigragro®️ Bags

- We suggest using a used plastic bottle, rather throwing one away re-use it, however any type of drip feeder works.  This way you avoid over watering.




  • Always use handles and bend at the knee if you must move a Vigragro Bags with plants in them.   Safety is the key here.  Our bags have handles that are reinforced and double stitched so that they do not break easily when tugging on them.
  • Watch spacing when planting mixed crops with each other.  Some crops grow faster than others, so how they are spaced will save you time in the long run.
  • If possible always use drip watering systems to get your plants water and nutrients.  This will prevent over watering and usage.
  • Vigragro®️ Bags are made from organic plant material, so putting too much water could cause the bottom to leak more than you would want.  Take special notice if growing from a balcony with neighbors below, or growing inside near furniture and flooring. If you have concerns of excessive leakage place your bag on top of a lid or catch for the water to be collected and reused.
  • When using the front window to harvest crops that grow below the soil like potatoes, onions, carrots and beets to name a few, keep in mind the soil will be compacted.  It will require you to disturb the soil with your hands or a shovel to get at the roots and crops.  Any wasted soil that spills out can be reused and thrown back in the bag.


Check back here frequently as we update more tips here and in our blogs.

We would love to hear from you!  Any ideas tips and tricks from our customers, please feel free to share with us over social media or contact us and we will share with the Vigragro®️ Bags community through our blog!