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Watering Buddy


H2O Watering Buddy is the ideal solution for ensuring that your plants are getting the vital water and nutrients they need!

If you're travelling for the holidays and have plants to care for, they need watering. And they need it often, right???
Well, no more! With this convenient and easy-to-use drip system, you can give your plants exactly what they need to stay healthy and happy straight to the root of your plants.
Take your plants off life support with the H2O Watering Buddy convenient and portable drip irrigation drops.
These practical and convenient drops are maintained at perfect humidity and temperature for your plants and ensure that your plants get the perfect amount of water they need daily, leaving your plants in the best possible condition.

The special drip tubing allows water to drip straight down rather than pooling up, keeping your plants healthy and thriving when you're away.


This is a remarkably simple and easy to use product that is ideal for anyone who has plants that are growing in a pot and requires an extra bit of support.
Use H2O Watering Buddy

Up to 7 days-just add water to the 350ml infusion bag and the system will do the rest-you can even add plant food! Indoor plants grown in small pots can get enough water from the entire bag for up to 7 days. Follow the simple instructions to assemble, fill up with water, and enjoy a new inner peace. This is the root of all happiness!

Great gardening gift-if you are looking for a novel gift or gardening gift, it is a fun and useful gift for your loved one. 

100% recycled packaging – The packaging is made of 100% recycled paper, making it an ideal product for any sustainable household.