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Organic Coir

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Our Organic Coir is the perfect medium for growing healthy happy plants!

Organic Coir has a wide range of applications, suitable for planting various vegetables, flowers, and fruits, friendly, hygienic, convenient, and high-quality, and it is the current natural substrate for horticulture.


  • It has superior water holding capacity allowing for excellent air space and drainage
  • This soil amendment is used for potted plants, containers and gardens and is a sustainable alternative to peat moss
  • Easier to hydrate and last longer in soil than peat moss, all the while not destroying natural peat bogs
  • Helps break up hard clay soils so that nutrients can be used more efficiently


Enhance plant growth

Heat preservation and moisturizing has good air permeability, which can promote the growth of plant roots and prevent plant roots from corrosion

Long-term hygiene

No impurities added, clean and easy to use, suitable for kids and pets.


* Explosive root formation and increased plant vigor
* Extremely low EC levels
* High cation exchange capacity (CEC)
* Superior water holding capacity
* Ability to retain nutrients against leaching and to buffer supply
* Slow breakdown of materials means product will not shrink during your growing cycle
* Re-wets easily and reduces watering frequency without plant stress


Each brick weighs 650 grams and can fill up to 7-9 liters once expanded. 

Here are some ways you can use/mix our coir with soil:
1.  Use the coir directly
2.  Use the Coir in a mix with sand, compost, and fertilizer to make a high-quality potting soil. (Coir to manure in the ratio of 10:1)
3.  Mix Coil with soil, using 80% Coir for a soil blend that lasts for years
4.  1 part Coir to 2 parts soil or potting mix containing compost.
How to prepare:
Put the coir in the container first, and slowly add water to let it soak. Then in a larger pot, mix with soil, bone meal, chicken manure and other fertilizers. Put the prepared soil into pots for gardening and planting and watch how fast and strong your garden grows!