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Vigragro®️ Raised Planters


Vigragro®️ Raised Planters- Are A Gardener's Best Friend

Just like our Veggie Bags, Vigragro®️ Raised Planters are a mobile planter, allowing you to create beautiful garden scenery with vegetables, flowers, herbs, and fruits anywhere! 

They are drop dead simple to use, and maintain, making them a perfect option to grow your organic fruits and vegetables

Get started by unfolding and start adding your planting materials.

With easy access to oxygen and excellent drainage, our raised planters allow plant roots and beneficial bacteria to breathe. Excess moisture drains quickly leaving your garden looking healthy and rich

In warm weather our raised garden beds will allow excess heat to be released to protect the roots and quickly warm the fabric in the cooler weather.

  • Safe To Use: All green life is safe within it no matter the conditions. Vigragro®️ Raised Planters are made from the best materials to keep your plants healthy and safe.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Made from biodegradable material our grow bags are non-toxic making them very safe for the environment, plus they 
  •  Convenient: Super easy to set up, relocate, and store. 

For a lush and healthy garden

Expand your garden while still saving on space with Vigragro®️ Raised Planters! There is no better way to experience gardening. No matter the place or time you can use Vigragro®️ Raised Planters to bring nature into your home.