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Set a magical scene outside your home

ShineSprinkle are more than garden lights, our lovely decorative lamps bring a magical feeling to the nighttime atmosphere around your home and throughout your garden!

The romantic lights create a shining waterfall pouring down from the kettle, illuminating everything around its vicinity using solar green energy to power them at night!

You can stake it easily on a patch of dirt to bring gentle lighting to the outskirts of your home without wasting your time and money on hefty installations or complicated set-ups!




Illuminate your garden- Enjoy the romantic mood ShineSprinkle creates, set your garden ablaze with its gentle luminous effects!

Create your fairytale- Come nighttime ShineSprinkle turns the moonlight into a magical waterfall, setting a wondrous scene around!

Stay in the light- Don’t leave your lovely flowers in the dark, complement their beauty by illuminating them at nighttime for all to see!

ShineSprinkle is the ultimate choice- Help your garden stand out from the rest with a nighttime decor straight out of a fairy tale!